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2x72 belt grinder

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2x72 belt grinder with electronic tracking


  • The Belt Grinder chassis and chassis parts including the tooling arm slots are ALL made  from 1/8" steel ,CNC machined and TIG  welded.
  • The Belt Grinder chassis can accept two tooling arms.
  • Tooling arm slots size is 1.6" x 1.6" (41*41mm) square and can accept either 1.5" (38.10mm),or 1.57" (40mm/included) Square Solid Aluminum tooling arm. The Tooling Arm Slots are NOT made from square tubing.
  • Industrial  grade Powder Coating.

Tooling Arm:

  • CNC machined  from 6061 Solid Aluminum.
  • Size:1.57"*1.57" (40mm*40mm).Length:19.7" (500mm).

Hydraulic Belt Tensioning System :

  • Our Belt tensioning system is HBTS (Hydraulic Belt Tensioning System) with two speed control  valve for Adjustable Tensioning Strenght and Latching  Speed. System Hydraulic oil resistance to -49°F (-45℃).Work cycle:500,000+ cycles.
  • Tracking wheel holding arm made from 1/4" (6.3mm) HARDOX 400 Carbon Steel for long life span.

Electronic Tracking Control :

  • High  Accuracy and Stability of tracking.
  • High torque  tracking gear motor.
  • Adjustable  Tracking  Speed.
  • Tracking direction Led indicator (Red/Green arrow).
  • Industrial Grade Stainless Steel Buttons with color (red/green) indication.
  • Emergency  Manual  Tracking Screw with spring provided.


  • Motor Type: (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled).
  • 9 Pole High Torque Servo Drive Motor 1600W (2.25Hp)
  • Voltage: 110V/50Hz.
  • Max Speed (RPM): 3000 (adjustable/100RPM).
  • Max Speed Preset Function.
  • Reverse Rotation Function.
  • Thermal & Overload Protection.
  • High Torque at All Speeds.
  • The New Generation of limited in size and weight, High Torque High Efficiency & up to 75% Energy Saving Drive Motors.
  • 4" High Precision Aluminum Drive Wheel attached on the Motor Shaft Ready to Drive your grinder.
  • Led Spot Working Light attached with ON-OFF and Brightness Control from the Main Control Unit. The industrial grade flexible gooseneck arm is 29.5" (75cm) long.

 D-Backing Plate:

  • Precision CNC cut from 3/8" Steel.
  • Wheel mounting holes are 1/2-13.
  • The diameter of the centre mounting hole is 1/2".
  • U-shaped adjusting slot:1/2" (can accept 1/2"  or 3/8" bolt).
  • Satin black painted.

Idler wheels:

  • Size: 2" in diameter  and 2-1/4" wide. The core is made from 6061 Aluminum with 85A duro industrial grade PU rubber coating. The industrial grade PU rubber it has 3 times more lifespan than the natural vulcanized rubber and is ideal for such kind of applications.
  • The bore of the bearings is 1/2".
  • 1/2"-13 wheels mounting bolts and nylon spacers included.

Tracking wheel:

  • Size: 3" in diameter  and 2-1/4" wide. The wheel is made from 6061 Aluminum CNC turned
  • The bore of the bearings is 1/2".

Platen Mounting Bracket:

  • Precision CNC cut from 5/32" Steel.
  • Size: 8" long & 2.36" wide
  • Mounting holes 1/4" (1/4"-20 mounting bolts & nuts included).
  • A metal shelf  1/4"   installed at the bottom side of the platen to support the high temperature  ceramic glass.
  • Satin black painted.

 Ceramic Glass:

  • Ceramic Glass Platen liner size: 2" x 7.76"X0.158 " (1pcs included).
  • Temperature (max) :1382F (750C).
  • Mounting tape: Double sided high temperature thermal transfer,high strength tape (2pcs  included).

Tool Rest:

  • Precision CNC cut from 3/8" Steel.
  •  Designed to fit to 1.5"x1.5" tooling arm.
  • Work area size:7"x3.15"
  • Satin black painted.
  • Made in EU.
  • Please note that most of the parts are factory pre- assembled.Final alignment it needs during the final assembly.2x72 belt not included in the package.


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