Belt Grinder Professionnel

Professional belt grinder, perfect for knife making or for the design of forging objects.

It has a power of 1.5kw useful for polishing any forging steel.

This belt grinder comes with an electronic tracker for better accuracy of the sanding belt.
It will be the best friend of the blacksmith.

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Belt Grinder kit

This Belt grinder in kit is perfect for the beginner or professional who needs a versatile sander for knife design.

It comes with 18 sanding belts.

Its variator is useful to control the speed of sanding. It can polish and sand any forging material.

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The Blacksmith and his forge!

The forge is the workshop of the blacksmith to make metal tools of all kinds. He will use coal that will be put in a fireplace to heat the metal so that it becomes more flexible during the hammering with the forge hammer and the anvil.

The blacksmith will use several tools at his disposal to forge, the most famous of which are: the gas or coal forge, the forge hammer, the blacksmith's anvil and the belt grinder.

To become a blacksmith is not done overnight. There are skills to learn during a blacksmithing course or an initiation of a few days with a craftsman. But the most important thing to become a metal professional is the experience gained from each practice.

The modern-day blacksmith has many tools at his disposal that will facilitate certain tasks such as sanding and polishing metals. He has become very versatile, because he works with metal as well as wood or other materials such as : G10, micarta, bone, leather, rope, etc...

  • Making knife

    Learn how tomake your own kniveswith a forge. Make a straight or folding knife, with Forge Origine !

  • Blacksmith

    Find all the tools a blacksmith needs : belt grinder, gas forge, sledgehammer, anvil, etc...

  • Forge

    Forge your own tools and knives, thanks to Forge Origine. You will find all the advice in forging.

What is the Forge ?

Forging is a process that will modify the structure of a metal, whether it be its structural properties or its visual form.

To do this, the metal is heated to a high temperature, so that it becomes deformable, then using a forge hammer or a pestle hammer or other forging tool, we will deform the metal piece by striking it, twisting it or cutting it.

The anvil and the vice of forging are essential for the practice of forging. The blacksmith will also need pliers and hammers.

During the forging process, the metal will improve its resistance to the mechanical stress that it may undergo later. As in the manufacture of a knife, the forged steel will gain in strength and elasticity.

Tool of blacksmith

The blacksmith is equipped with several tools in his workshop to carry out his forge. First of all, we will find in his workshop the most used tools like the hearth and the anvil.

There are two types of tools: manual tools and electric tools. Here are the main ones:

- The hearth which is used to heat the metal to be able to work it, but also to carry out the heat treatments.
- The anvil which is used as a support to strike the steel heated by the hammer.
- The hammer to create the shape of the steel by striking it
- The clamps to hold the hot metal
- The belt grinder to create the edge of the knife blade, to sand and polish the steel

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